Ian Passed the SE-Lateral The Second Time Around With Relative Ease...

Find Out What He Did Differently

The “Old Way” of Studying


Ian RileyBefore using the SE Study Planner, I was studying for the 16-Hour Structural Engineering exam with only a rough schedule of how many hours I should study each week.

Frequently I would end up studying more than planned on one day, but less than planned the next, and not know how well my studying was progressing when my exam was still months away.

In addition, I found that it was very hard to determine if I had budgeted enough time for studying. I worried that I would find myself scrambling to finish as the exam got closer.

After getting just shy of an acceptable score on the Lateral exam, I felt a more focused study regimen was needed. 


The “New Way” of Studying


I used the SE Study Planner to help provide an accurate and flexible study schedule that would enable me to meet my studying goals. It was immensely helpful as often I would need to work late one day or might have more free time for studying on a weekend and by using the scheduler I could easily adjust my entire studying schedule with a quick adjustment to the planner.

This made it very easy to see if I would have sufficient time to study for the exam, even when the exam was weeks away.

This was invaluable to my studying especially given that I had a 2 week long businesses trip that ended two days before the exam.


Is The SE Study Planner Right For You?


Thankfully I studied well and passed the 16-Hour SE exam the second time around. 

I am confident that the SE Study Planner was instrumental in helping me prepare for this exam — I would highly recommend the SE Study Planner to every single person taking the SE exam to maximize the effectiveness of their studying schedule.

Ian Riley, SE