After a Few Years of Trying, Anisa Finally Found the Motivation She Needed To Study & Pass Her Exam...

It All Happened When She Discovered the Study Planner

“What I Used To Do Before The Planner…”


AnisaPrior to me finding out about The Study Planner, I have been trying to motivate myself to study for the BCPS (Board Certified Pharmacotherapy Specialist) Exam for a few years.

Organizing hundreds of pages of material and lectures was daunting task and I found it challenging to get started. Trying to develop an organized study plan around my full-time work and teaching schedule proved much more difficult now than it was when I was a full-time student.

I had tried to sit down and organize myself a few times, but was unable to come up with a study plan I could actually stick to and help me plan my time most efficiently.


The Planner Comes To The Rescue


It was only when I discovered The Study Planner, I was able to actually organize all the study material for the exam and develop a study schedule that worked for the first time.

With The Study Planner, I was able to customize my study time and priorities based on my work and life responsibilities.

The Study Planner had a very systematic and organized approach. I was able to put in The Study Planner the dates/times when I was available and unavailable to study, and The Study Planner was able to tell me exactly when I would finish studying and how much time I could use for reviewing and other priorities. I found myself being able to organize and manage my time more efficiently almost instantaneously after using The Study Planner.

In addition to being extremely customizable, The Study Planner also proved quite motivating for me. I was able to track exactly what material I have completed and still needed to complete.

When I fell a little off schedule due to unexpected life events, instead of getting discouraged and frustrated, I used The Study Planner to calculate how much time and material I could spread out over the next few study sessions to get me right back on track.


“I Have Achieved a Long-Time Goal”


Without The Study Planner, I would still be sitting at my desk wasting hours of time trying to organize a study plan that works. Instead, I have achieved a long-time goal and successfully passed the BCPS Exam.

I also regained my confidence in undertaking exams with heavy study requirements despite being out of pharmacy school for several years now. When future exams come up, I now feel confident I can tackle them with The Study Planner by my side.

Anisa Abu-Ramaileh, Pharm.D., BCPS